Another classic Shamy moments way back season 4.



Another classic Shamy moments way back season 4.



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I admit: I am TBBT-spoiled. I do not trust taping reports 100% but I read them just because I want to have a general idea about the episode. So, as I watched the recent episode, I was prepared story-wise but not performance-wise and production-wise. Since I know the story, I know about the psychic scene, and generally know about Sheldon’s lines. Hence, I was able to focus much on his reactions. And this is what I have to say…

Sheldon showcased various reactions to what the psychic was saying and that struck me.

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Psychic: “…there’s a woman in your life you’re having problems with.”

Sheldon: “That’s an easy guess.”

He was out to prove to the psychic that clairvoyance is such hokum and thus pointed out to her that anybody could’ve guessed that since, as he said, he’s “clearly annoying” and has problems with both genders.

Gif 2

Psychic: “…a specific woman that you’re in a romantic relationship with.”

Sheldon didn’t say a word but if you’ll look closely, he looked a little stunned, his head moving back. It was as though he was thinking, “Oh my, she knows.” Looking back, he’d always referred to his relationship with Amy as being in a “boy-girl relationship” or a “relationship of the mind.” He does acknowledge that she’s his girlfriend and that he’s her boyfriend though.

Gif 3

Psychic: “Does she work in a similar field to you?”

Sheldon: “Ha! The opposite. She’s a neurobiologist. I’m a theoretical physicist.”

Now we know what the psychic meant: similar fields = hard sciences. Yet, there’s this sense of pride coming from Sheldon when he specifically said what his and Amy’s particular fields are. He’d naturally be proud as it had something to do with science and intelligence.

Gif 4

Psychic: “…you have difficulty being close with her.”

Again, Sheldon did not say anything but you can tell by the creasing of his forehead and the same moving of the head that he did not agree with the psychic. You can read on his face that he was practically enumerating in his head the things he had done for Amy with regard to being close: the kisses, the hand holding, the touching. He didn’t need to verbalize it but we can imagine the protest in his mind: “What are you talking about ‘difficulty being close with her’?”

Gif 5

Psychic: “He should give himself to this relationship.”

Still, Sheldon did not say anything. However, the subtle almost-rolling of his eyes seemed to say, “Please…she’s already my girlfriend. How much more of myself should I give?”

Gif 6

Psychic: “…all his other pursuits will come into focus.”

Penny: “Sheldon, do you hear that?”

And there we see Sheldon and the moving back head movement again. And when Penny added, “Amy is the key to your happiness” and the psychic putting in, “Exactly,” Sheldon looked all the more befuddled. It was as if he’d been wondering, “We’re not even from the same field. How can a neurobiologist help a theoretical physicist?”

Gif 7

Psychic: “…once you commit to her.”

While this part has become the most popular gif on Tumblr, this one for me is the trickiest simply because it was difficult to understand what was really in his mind at the time. The psychic’s words were sinking in and while he refused to acknowledge that she’s right, there was a nerve that the psychic truly struck. In all those six seconds of silence spent just looking at the psychic, he didn’t blink. His eyes didn’t grow wide. His mouth didn’t gape open. He didn’t gulp. There was this hardness and softness in his eyes at the same time. It’s like when someone tells you something about yourself which you really didn’t expect but it didn’t make you angry or happy or offended. You simply just didn’t know what to think of it.

Gif 8

Sheldon: “You know what this is?”

Before he said a word, he broke eye contact with the psychic, looked down for a bit as if to bring himself back to who he knew Sheldon was, and began his tirade. But you also caught the change in his voice and we’re all too familiar with the manner in which he said his thoughts this time. In the simplest terms, Penny acknowledged what the psychic had done and she probably started to wonder about his feelings that time as well.


I do not claim to be an expert and what we’ve posted here is just from our observation. This episode however, promises something because this seems to be the start of Sheldon feeling all the pressure around him. For me, this was the beginning of Sheldon’s walls starting to crumble down. It would be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes as far as his character is concern.



He knows!


Amy:  Sheldon, are we ever going to have an intimate relationship?

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